At Cedar Ridge Pest Control, your pest removal and control problems are our problems!

  • Wild Life(raccoons, skunks, woodchucks, squirrels )
  • Rodents(mice, rats, etc.)
  • Insects(ants, spiders, bees, wasps, lady beetles, box elder bugs)
  • Birds(Pigeons, Sparrows, etc.)
  • Bats(Removal and Bat Proofing)

Animal Removal is our Specialty!

Our #1 goal is to get the job done as economically, efficiently and humanely as possible. Over 20 years of animal trapping experience means we can safely remove animals, rodents and other pests without damage to your home or property.

  • Remove raccoons and squirrels from your chimney
  • Remove bats and birds from your attic
  • Removal of mice, rats, and woodchucks from your walls, basement or foundation
  • Safe extermination of insects such as ants, spiders, bees, lady beetles and box elder bugs

A Long Term Solution for Pest Management and Control

The best way to avoid the future expense of animal and pest removal is through a professional pest inspection that helps us understand why and how animals, rodents, insects and other pests were attracted and gained access to your property.

Some exclusion techniques require a “habitat modification” in order to prevent access to animals and rodents looking for food, water or shelter. Some of these modifications can include screens to prevent access via chimneys, vents or your attic. Businesses and municipalities may have building code violations or other circumstances calling for dog or cat removal, road kill removal or possible infestations from insects, mice, rats or other rodents.


Ask About Landscaping Treatments

We also have tree treatments to eliminate ants and box elder bugs, or exterior foundation treatment to prevent spiders and other insects from entering your home or business.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with greater relief and peace of mind today.